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A ROTH for Molly?

My partner Sarah wrote a great blog last week that addressed the difficulties that parents face when trying to access medical information for their almost-grown children. In that same vein of graduate advice, I would like to touch on the


Congrats, Graduates!!!  (….now please sign this….) This weekend, we went to one of several graduation parties we were invited to—several of the folks we talked to were graduation party hopping, trying to fit quick stops at multiple parties.  It is

Happy Maycember!

Thanks to the Holderness family—social media stars among parents for their funny parodies (Christmas Jammies, anyone?)—the craziness of May now has a name: Maycember…because it is just as busy (if not busier) than December but without all the holiday lights:

Spring Break

Now that taxes are done, many of us are opening our first quarter statements from our investment accounts, 401k accounts, or IRAs and seeing nice positive growth…which is certainly a relief from the end of 2018’s dizzying market drop. In

8,000 Days

I write this from a soccer field in Winchester watching Melanie’s soccer team compete for first place in her conference: Right now, life is fractioned between Meridian, moving, family, clients…all at the same time it feels.  Clients and friends older