Stocking Stuffers

Every year I’m on it in terms of shopping for big gifts. Typically taking advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. I do however leave the “stocking stuffers” until the last minute. There’s the traditional oranges and candies, but after that I get lost. Another pair of socks? Chapstick? Gift cards? In

QCD – What’s It Mean?

Not only do we start to see the leaves falling away in October, giving way to a new season, a new chance to restart, but the days in the last three months of the year seem to fall off the calendar as well.  At Meridian, October is when we charge full steam ahead with end […]

Can You Dodge the Tax Axe?

I may be creeping into CPA-land here, but we are getting a lot of questions from our clients about what they can (or can’t) do to reduce their tax bill. All of us are still digesting the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and for some it has caused an unexpected bill or a lower […]