At Meridian, we build intelligent, low-cost, diversified portfolios, grounded in a thorough understanding of your total financial picture. Our services comprise:

Whole Life Financial Planning

It starts with a highly detailed personal financial plan. We review your life situation, focusing on what your ideal future looks like. We then build a custom financial roadmap representing the clearest path to that future. And we work with you to strategically integrate your financial resources — assets, income, and advisors — along that path.

Next, we create a comprehensive set of financial statements, painting a clear picture of your available resources. We review portfolio allocations to determine whether current investments are aligned with long-range goals. We then craft custom plans to meet education, travel, retirement, and other life goals.

Underpinning your plan is a close attention to safeguards, using insurance and estate planning techniques to keep you and your loved ones protected should the unexpected occur. And we can recommend and work with other advisors, including your CPA, attorney, and insurance agent, to implement your plan and monitor for needed course corrections.

Investment Management

Drawing on Nobel prize-winning research and proven investment theory, we’ll build a smart, diversified portfolio that takes the dimensions of return and puts them to work for you. We’ll manage your portfolio with an eye to minimizing expenses and mitigating tax impact, letting you keep more of what you earn.

We study the markets, track economic trends, and prudently manage your portfolio’s risk, all to help you weather potentially volatile investment environments and stay on track with your master plan.

On an ongoing basis, we monitor your portfolio for unanticipated results, and we evaluate your asset allocation when new economic data is reported. We match your portfolio’s realized returns against your master financial plan each year and meet with you to review progress, discuss life events (career moves, family changes, new goals), and revise the plan to reflect these realities. Then we chart a course for the year to come, reallocating your portfolio as needed to keep your accounts aligned with your requirements.

How We Do It

Our structure and method of operation are a rarity in the industry: client-centered and transparent to the highest degree. We are:

  • Independent. Only the partners own Meridian Financial Partners –- no one else. We never have a reason to push one product, fund or strategy over another. We’re not under corporate pressure to raise revenue or steer you toward “in-house” investment research. Our advice is objective and unbiased, intended solely to achieve the best solution for you.

    Meridian uses Charles Schwab as our third-party custodian of client assets. Your money is safe in the hands of this multi-billion dollar entity, which is separate from Meridian, creating checks and balances. Schwab has extensive experience serving the needs of independent advisors and their clients, affording access to in-depth research as well as virtually any investment vehicle you could want. And they carry not just the standard SIPC $500,000 per-account protection, but an additional $600 million of supplementary insurance through Lloyd’s of London and other insurers.

  • Fee-only. The cost of our service is completely transparent, and we are paid only by clients. We receive no commissions or mutual fund fees, avoiding potential conflicts of interest.

    With no commissions or hidden compensation, our clients have no forced lock-up period. If for any reason you no longer need or want our services, you’re free to leave at any time, with no financial penalty. And because there’s no incentive to make a quick sale, fee-only advisors can provide carefully considered financial advice, recognizing that financial decisions mustn’t be made hastily or in a vacuum.

  • Fiduciaries. This is the highest standard to which your relationship with a financial advisor can be held. In fact, as a fiduciary, it is our legal responsibility to act in clients’ best interest at all times.

    In addition to the requirement to put clients’ interests ahead of their own, fiduciaries are obligated to perform their duties to clients with loyalty and care. This we do with pride.