About Meridian Financial Partners

We strive each day to be fully engaged with our clients, delivering exceptional advice,
strategies, and service.

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Our Story

When founding partners Sarah Yakel and Nathan Gilbert created their own financial advisory firm, they had one goal in mind: transparency.

So much of the financial planning industry involves hidden fees and an inauthentic approach to clients’ lives, focused on building profits rather than long-lasting relationships. Founding Meridian presented the opportunity to change that – and we’re proud to say that since opening our doors in 2015, we now proudly serve 477 households across 30 states.

We’re honored to be a part of your financial journey — to provide guidance along the path, lend support during difficult times and celebrate your successes. We’re gratified by the long-term, mutually trusting relationships we’ve established and continue to build.


Our Values

At Meridian, we aim to:

  • Earn long-term trusting relationships
  • Communicate openly, clearly and respectfully
  • Create fearless, engaging and productive client experiences
  • Be authentic, grateful and generous
  • Stay curious and seek knowledge
  • Serve our communities in a caring manner

Meet the Meridian Team

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