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Report Cards

With over a month of school behind us, grades are starting to come in for Yakel kids—for the most part, it’s all good news.  Everyone’s doing ok for first quarter—except Melanie…she’s working on pulling up her C in PE!!   Apparently,

Better Late Than Never…

Sorry for the delayed blog post (we usually post on Tuesdays), but we’ve been at the Wealth/Stack conference in Arizona and have been totally occupied.  Wealth/Stack has been a great conference to hear where the future of financial advice and

Basic Instincts

It’s tough to fight against an innate instinct.  Nature is filled with examples of instincts at work—animals have extremely strong predator or prey behaviors, as anyone who has ever been dragged by their dog chasing a squirrel can attest… …or


Yesterday gave us another unfriendly reminder that stocks can be volatile. Investors continue to focus on the US-China trade war, which escalated even further on Monday. As a result, the S&P 500 lost about 3% of its value. That’s the