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Tax Season is Over, Three Tips to Make Next Year’s Easier!

I think it is fair to say that the longer days and nicer weather have mentally moved my family into summer mode whether I am ready for it or not. I’m still just trying to get through May (aka Maycember for all of my fellow parents out there). “Maycember – a term that describes the […]

Understanding T+1 (Transaction Date + 1 Business Day)

You may have seen this message: T+1 on 5/28. Here’s the quick translation: Transaction date + 1 business day starts on May 28th. First, thank you to one of our readers for this great subject suggestion. As always, let us know if there are any blog topics you’d like to learn more about. On our […]

Closing Out Financial Literacy Month

Although every month is financial literacy month at Meridian Financial Partners, we are just about to close out April, which is National Financial Literacy Month. AND the fourth Thursday in April is “Teach Children to Save Day”. To celebrate, the Meridian children got together to test their financial

The Who, What, Where, When, How and Why of Emergency Funds

Last week, Sarah Irving wrote a fantastic blog highlighting the importance of financial literacy, which included the following statistic: 60% of woman and 53% of men worry about their financial future. One of our most important recommendations when it comes to financial well-being is establishing an emergency fund.

Financial Literacy Month!

I’m a big fan of holidays.  I inherited this trait from my parents, particularly my mom who always went above and beyond to make even the smallest of celebrations feel special.  With a bulk of the “big” holidays behind us, I was excited to hear that this April celebrates the 21st anniversary of Financial

Irrational Decisions (+ RIP Daniel Kahneman)

Daniel Kahneman’s work perfectly outlines what we as advisors and planners are often dealing with when speaking to clients, giving advice, and making recommendations. One of his main conclusions was that individuals do not always make rational decisions when faced with uncertainty. Unfortunately, when it comes to

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