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Power of Reset

“Reset” has been a big theme of 2019 so far—resetting involves setting back to an initial state—sometimes the baseline of zero, other times simply an adjustment after getting far away from normal. In basketball, we’ve been working on resetting—when the


At Christmas, we enjoy reading familiar stories and watching favorite movies as part of our annual family tradition.  Watching Will Ferrell in ELF for the millionth time marks the official start of Christmas for the Yakel clan. As humans, our

Starting Lineup

Yesterday was my first official coaching role for my daughter’s middle school basketball team—we were playing the first game ever in the brand new gym, so it seemed like pretty high stakes (who wants to christen the gym with the


With Thanksgiving upon us, we are struck by how much we have to be thankful for at Meridian.  From the wonderful team that supports us to our families’ gracious encouragement, we have many blessings to count. But without our wonderful

Voting and Weighing

Today is Election Day—when all Americans are able to exercise their constitutional right to vote. While the conversation over the election process and our political system may continue for a long time, today is the day for the general population