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A Seinfeld Rally?

Most of us remember the 90’s sitcom Seinfeld—as one of Nathan’s and Sarah Irving’s favorite shows, it is often quoted here at Meridian.  As for me, I am still afraid of licking cheap envelopes.  Seinfeld also indelibly marked things like

The Burro Beer Server

Fresh off of a retirement planning software conference with many of my Meridian friends, the topic of technology use within Meridian is still very front-of-mind. Honestly, this was my very first “official” business conference since helping to start Meridian, and

Gimme Credit   

The Equifax data breach has been highly publicized since the news broke on September 7, 2107.  In this huge breach, ranking in the top five of all time data thefts according to USA Today, the hackers stole personally identifiable information