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4% Rule

By Sarah Yakel
After eight years of writing blogs, all of us at Meridian are always thankful when a reader suggests a topic that they would like to know more about…and I lucked out with a suggestion for this week that is both nerdy and timely…my favorite kinds of things to write about!  The question was…is the 4% […]

There’s Much to be Thankful For

By Lucy Valandra
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! While it often feels like the world is filled with nothing but bad news we have a lot to be thankful for here at Meridian. Sarah Yakel is thankful for 5% treasury rates and all of the adventures she’s had with her family this year before Melanie goes […]

CPI – But Prices Are Still High

By Sarah Irving
We love hearing from our readers on suggestions for blog topics and most recently received a request to touch on a topic that we as consumers are all feeling – how can consumers weather an environment where higher prices persist and what is the effect of CPI on the economy and interest rates? This is […]

What Have You Done for Me Lately?

By Nathan Gilbert
I point the finger at our own industry for training investors to think in the short term. Within our firm our custodian, Charles Schwab, sends out monthly statements. From a compliance perspective, this is a good thing, because it reassures clients that their money is where it’s supposed to be, and that Meridian is

Trick or Treat?

By Kira Topeka
Happy Halloween! Maybe it’s just me, but I feel as though we have been celebrating this spooky holiday for days and I have been enjoying every moment of it. Festivities started last Friday and have been rocking on ever since, all culminating in tonight’s Trick or Treating for the children. While my days of Trick

There’s Something Wrong with the World Today

By Sarah Yakel
When I realized it was my week to write the blog, I struggled with a topic because my heart is just sad.  The news is scary and tragic, no matter what channel you are on.  We’ve been talking to many of you, our clients, our friends, our peers, and there is just a lot of […]

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