Reviewing Insurance Coverage

During September and October, we want to help you review your various insurance coverages to make sure you have the coverage you need.

Perhaps you…

  • Have new health care concerns, or you are losing coverage and need to update your health insurance plan;
  • Have made improvements to your home, and you need to increase your homeowner’s insurance coverage; or
  • Wish to review all policies and explore available discounts and bundling options to reduce premium costs.

Whatever the case, an annual insurance review is critical to ensure you are adequately protected well in advance of future needs.

The terms and conditions of insurance contracts can be difficult to read and understand. Deductibles, limits, exclusions, and endorsements can be hidden in the fine print, making it hard to understand the true extent of your protection. To assist in reviewing your insurance coverage, we have two checklists that outline key considerations to guide your analysis (one covers health and life-related issues [link to your white-labeled version from your website or Google Doc], the other covers property and casualty-related issues [link to your white-labeled version from your website of Google Doc]).

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