“Shaken, Not Stirred” – James Bond(s)

Bonds have been grabbing a lot of headlines, lately. Up until recently, all of those headlines were generally bad and involved declining (shaken AND stirred?) prices. It has been a frustrating last year and a half for conservative bond investors not used to seeing their account values fluctuate. However, behind the

Fund Flows & Huge Cucumbers

Recently, there have been record outflows from equity funds and record inflows into bond funds. This is likely due to the negative sentiment around the current market environment. As we continue to enjoy the longest bull market in history, many investors feel that it can’t last and are removing money from the

An Unexpected Storm

This past Labor Day, my family and I experienced a very strong “micro-burst” (my wife claims tornado!) at our house. While it was far from a disaster, it did do quite bit of damage to many of our trees, small portions of our house, and it completely wiped out an old shed/spring house.   It […]