Bumping Into the Ceiling

I will be honest, I was a little hesitant to address this topic due to its political nature, but given how frequently this topic has been addressed in recent client meetings and the future effects it could potentially have on the markets; it feels important to touch on in this week’s blog.  On January 19th

Gotta Start Somewhere

Much like my New Years Resolution to start saying “yes” to more activities (more on that later…) – everyone’s got to start somewhere. Why not use the energy of the new year to get started on your financial journey? While no two people are the same and everyone is going to have a different financial […]

Should I Pay Off My Debt?

Debt complicates not only our finances, but our emotions too. Much of the stress surrounding debt simply comes from not addressing it in the first place. It’s time to change that! Get Low Paying down debt can make you more financially secure and give you more flexibility when deciding what to do with your money.

Borrow or Use Cash?

Thank you to one of our loyal readers for the suggestion of this topic! It’s a good question and one we get a lot from people, especially those nearing or in retirement. And, it usually involves whether or not to pay off the mortgage on a primary residence (or use saved money to buy outright […]