retirement planning

Now or Later?

With a new year comes new resolutions and for savers, new retirement plan contributions.   For 2024, the employee contribution limits are as follows: IRA and Roth IRAs : $7,000 for those  <50 years old, $8,000 for those 50 and older. SIMPLE IRA: $16,000 for those <50 years old, $19,500 for those 50 and

4% Rule

After eight years of writing blogs, all of us at Meridian are always thankful when a reader suggests a topic that they would like to know more about…and I lucked out with a suggestion for this week that is both nerdy and timely…my favorite kinds of things to write about!  The question was…is the 4% […]

QCD – What’s It Mean?

Not only do we start to see the leaves falling away in October, giving way to a new season, a new chance to restart, but the days in the last three months of the year seem to fall off the calendar as well.  At Meridian, October is when we charge full steam ahead with end […]

Your Investment Time Horizon is Longer Than You Think

Recently, my wife’s grandmother (my grandmother-in-law?), affectionately known as Ging, celebrated her 94th birthday. While she has had some medical complications along her journey, her quality of life has mostly been very good if not excellent. She is certainly lucky to have a loving family to not only look after