A Seinfeld Rally?

Most of us remember the 90’s sitcom Seinfeld—as one of Nathan’s and Sarah Irving’s favorite shows, it is often quoted here at Meridian.  As for me, I am still afraid of licking cheap envelopes.  Seinfeld also indelibly marked things like


Yesterday, my son Ethan celebrated his 9th birthday.  He was super excited for his cake and his gifts—most of all his new skateboard.  To Ethan, 9 is a pretty important year—it is the last year in the single digits.  He


The financial services industry loves acronyms—as an example, I am a CFP1 that works at an RIA2 which makes me an IAR3—yeesh!   At Meridian we try to strip all of the jargon and opaque phrases from our conversations, as we

Last Minute Tax Ideas

Procrastinators rejoice!  Even though April 18—due date of taxes this year—is next week, it is not too late for a few smart moves to save on taxes for 2016. Make an IRA contribution.  Contributions to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Snow Day

We hope everyone is enjoying the snow—our kids are all delighted to have their first real snow of the season.  Those who are shoveling (me and my husband) are not enjoying it as much. As with every winter storm, it