“The Talk”

The Yakel household is very quiet this week, as I’ve just returned from visiting my parents in Williamsburg, and leaving my kids down there with my parents. That was on purpose and prearranged…God bless my folks…they are in for a

Dog Days of Summer

Recently for our family, the dog days term is quite literal. After minimal consultation with yours truly, our family entered the world of dog ownership. We welcomed little Daisy to our world this past Saturday. She is a French Bulldog

Halfway Point

It’s hard to believe but we are almost to the halfway point of 2019—to be exact, July 1st is the actual midpoint.  And so far, it has been an interesting year in the market.  Just a quick checkpoint/recap… Rebounding from

A ROTH for Molly?

My partner Sarah wrote a great blog last week that addressed the difficulties that parents face when trying to access medical information for their almost-grown children. In that same vein of graduate advice, I would like to touch on the


Congrats, Graduates!!!  (….now please sign this….) This weekend, we went to one of several graduation parties we were invited to—several of the folks we talked to were graduation party hopping, trying to fit quick stops at multiple parties.  It is

Happy Maycember!

Thanks to the Holderness family—social media stars among parents for their funny parodies (Christmas Jammies, anyone?)—the craziness of May now has a name: Maycember…because it is just as busy (if not busier) than December but without all the holiday lights: