Best of…

37 days until Christmas. Holiday decorations are starting to creep through our neighborhood—the stores are decked out with full Christmas regalia and sale signage—and our calendar is starting to fill with kids Christmas concerts and parties. Although I will allow

Smart vs. Dumb

News flash: Predicting when markets go up or down can be almost impossible. Some people can get it right some of the time, but no one can get it right all the time. We’ve shown plenty of evidence of this

Children & Money

As a parent and investment manager/planner, I want to teach my children good money habits. It can be relatively straightforward to teach them what to do, but actually setting up accounts for children, it can be difficult and confusing. Probably

Report Cards

With over a month of school behind us, grades are starting to come in for Yakel kids—for the most part, it’s all good news.  Everyone’s doing ok for first quarter—except Melanie…she’s working on pulling up her C in PE!!   Apparently,