Watch D.O.G.S.

First, I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekends. I will steer clear of Memorial Day as a topic this year, as I am fairly sure that’s what I wrote about last year at this time!   This past

The Mom Trifecta

As you all know (or better know!), this past Sunday was Mother’s Day. As always, it served as a reminder how important moms are in all of our lives. As a parent myself, there is an extra level of appreciation

Feelin’ Good

In the investment world, much has been made lately of the divergence between hard data about the U.S. economy and so-called “soft data”, which deals more with how people feel about the economy. In this chart from Morgan Stanley, you

March for Babies

This past Sunday, I was fortunate enough to chair and participate in the Prince William March for Babies. Obviously, supporting at-risk moms, premature births, and prenatal and postpartum care are incredible and worthy causes. March of Dimes helps to fund