Beneficiary Review

There’s no time like the present to review your beneficiary designations. When we take the time to ensure your beneficiaries align with the instructions of your will or trust, you’ll rest assured that your intentions are realized.

In our review, we’ll:

  • Verify your beneficiaries are up to date to reflect your estate wishes accurately and to consider factors that may affect your heirs’ outcomes.
  • Discuss whether your account will transfer the way you intend if your named beneficiaries differ from what your will or trust dictates.
  • Address whether you’re concerned about an estate tax liability and review your existing beneficiaries to determine whether you can mitigate any potential estate tax issues.

Whatever the case, it is important to review your beneficiary designations periodically. We can help you have a clearer picture of who your beneficiaries are and whether your beneficiary designations align with your estate planning goals.

Click here for a short, one-page checklist that outlines eight considerations that are fundamental to what you should consider when reviewing your beneficiary designations.

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