To Plan or Not to Plan

A TIAA-CREF study published in October 2015 highlighted the most common barriers to seeking financial advice. The study found that the top reasons that Americans don’t seek help with their finances is because they either think they don’t have enough money to invest, they feel advice will cost more than they can afford, or they don’t know who to trust.

All three perceptions are very common—but the study also found that when Americans do actually seek advice, the benefits are clear. Of the survey respondents who had met with a planner, 79% of them had actually “run the numbers” for retirement…and 58% of them had put a plan into action by rebalancing their portfolio or changing their savings rate.

TIAA-CREF summarizes, “Financial advice can boost retirement confidence and lead to positive actions.” And this is why we founded Meridian—we seek to help people gain clarity over their financial picture and have a clear path forward to their best financial future.

We know that it is difficult to know who to trust in the financial services world, and so we structured Meridian in a way that eliminates conflicts of interest between us and our clients. Our fees are transparent…we explain things in normal words, avoiding confusing industry jargon…and we deliver smart advice and build intelligent portfolios for all of our clients who truly desire to gain control over their financial future, regardless of their net worth.

And the best part? 88% of the TIAA-CREF study participants said that face to face meetings are their first choice for getting financial advice. At Meridian, we agree–we are here and love seeing you. So, please come by and visit, and we will work hard to bring your clarity and control over your finances so that you can relax and enjoy life.

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