My son and I were picking up Thanksgiving flower arrangements yesterday, and he asked me why horns were holding all of the flowers.   I explained that they were cornucopias—traditionally signs representing abundant fall harvests.

Moving on, he just liked saying the word “cornucopia” over and over (it is fun to say…), but the image of the cornucopia stuck with me.  Over the years, the cornucopia has been a symbol of prosperity, good health, and abundance of resources and blessings.

And, that is how we feel at Meridian—we feel blessed with an abundance of amazing clients that we truly enjoy serving.  We feel surrounded with an abundance of people who support, encourage, and challenge us in our mission to provide excellent holistic financial advice to our community.  And we feel honored to live and work in a wonderful community with an abundance passionate, caring people who come together to make our safe, peaceful, enjoyable, and prosperous.

So we wish you all a very happy, healthy, and blessed Thanksgiving—and wish you an abundance of joy as you celebrate with your family and friends!

Happy Thanksgiving~


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