The Space Between

This week is one of the odd calendar anomalies where days seem blend into each other…

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This week, our kids live in pajamas, food is random assortment of cookies, candy, and leftovers at all hours of the day, and screen time rules go out the window.  It’s a very confusing time.

At Meridian, all of the trades have been placed, required distributions have been done, and year end tax moves are finished.  So, we wait until this calendar flips to a new year.

For this last blog, we are also caught in the space between two years—we could look back and write about what a crummy year 2022 has been for investors…

We could look ahead and write about what’s coming next in 2023—like the SECURE Act 2.0 and how planning for retirement accounts will be changing next year.  Or, look ahead to the new projected economic data.  Analysts have already started arguing…are we in a recession?  If not, will we avoid recession in 2023?  What does the political landscape look like?  Where are interest rates headed?  There are lots of articles to read and data points to digest.

But instead, we will simply end the blogs for 2022 by resting in the space between the challenges of 2022 and the new opportunities ahead in 2023.

To all of those that read this blog—all 36 of you 😉—thank you for following along this year.  We enjoy sharing information with you.  And we like to hear your comments and thoughts too!

To our clients who read this blog, thank you for allowing us to serve you and your family this year.  We look forward to talking to you soon about what 2023 holds for you and how we can continue to help bring peace to your pursuit of financial goals.

To our readers that are not yet clients, we hope to meet you in 2023 and learn how we can help and support you.

To all—have a happy and safe New Year~

The Meridian Team

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