Meet Milo


This is Milo, our new puppy.   He is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, often abbreviated to “Swissy”.  He is still a little baby, just having turned three months old.  We are enjoying him at home and around Meridian, but we are gearing up to go on a long beach trip without him.  So, we have been looking for a safe place for Milo to stay while we are out.

We are so thankful that Beth, a friend of ours, volunteered to take Milo while are at the beach.  We are so at peace with the arrangement for many reasons including:

  • Beth is a Swissy enthusiast—she loves the breed, understands their particular quirks (like being slow to housebreak) and enjoys the sheer exuberance that the puppies have.
  • Beth has owned two sweet tempered Swissies, so she is experienced with raising and training these large dogs.
  • Beth cares deeply about people and animals alike—she is one of the most compassionate people that we know.

Beth’s expert knowledge, experience, and personal caring make us feel entirely at peace that Milo will be well cared for at her home.

Such traits should also apply to whoever is watching your money while you are out living life and making memories…ideally, your advisor should demonstrate expertise at managing money, have a wealth of experience, and show a deep concern for their clients.

If you are in the market for a new advisor, consider the aforementioned three traits as it is difficult to fully trust someone missing one of them.  An advisor with no knowledge…bad idea.  An advisor with knowledge but no experience could make a good technical recommendation, one that looks great on paper, but without the experience to know what will work best for you, that same decision could have unforeseen ripple effects that negatively impact other areas of your life.  And, an advisor with knowledge and experience without any caring is likely to aim for the goals that they feel you should be aiming for rather than allowing you to define success on your own terms.

So, when looking for an advisor, ask lots of questions—the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING board has great guide to get you started.

As for us at Meridian, we are both planning and investment management professionals who are continuously learning and researching the latest trends in financial management.  We have over 30 years of combined experience in managing portfolios and helping our clients achieve financial freedom.  And as to how much we care about our clients, they are our family—and we encourage you to stop by and ask us the questions that you care about.  And, you can meet Milo too!

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