It Takes Diff’rent Strokes To Move the World…

As I write this blog, I am sitting at the second sports practice of the three we have tonight.  Melanie just finished soccer practice, we are currently at Ben’s basketball practice, and we still have Ethan’s basketball practice to go.  All of our kids are blessed with great coaches, who care a lot about teaching solid fundamental skills as well as good sportsmanship.  However, as much as I admire these coaches, I have very little desire to be one.  Putting up with other people’s kids with patience and grace is a gift!

We all have different talents, and I am always amazed at the talents of others that surround me—a few other examples that mystify me:

  • Our dog sitter, Depend A Paws—Erika deals with all 135 pounds of goofy Milo with such patience
  • Our marketing director, Liz Witt-Lee who keeps pushing Nathan and me to dip our toes into the big scary world of social media—and will post and promote this blog for me since I am still clueless as to how that works
  • My husband—sole IT staff for our house—I don’t know how he can keep troubleshooting our wireless connection, Netflix issues, cell phone bugs, etc. without losing his temper


When I think about all of the crazy talent of our clients, our team, our friends, our families—I am so thankful, because I certainly don’t have the time, patience, attention span, or interest to do so many of the things that they are naturally so good at.  And that is ok!  Because I am really interested in…

  • what makes up risk and reward
  • how that is expressed in the securities available for investment
  • how risk and reward are statistically linked
  • what that means for portfolio construction
  • how can we use that information to build solid portfolios to grow and protect our client’s assets
  • what does recent retirement research show about successful retirement portfolios
  • current economic data and what it means for the securities markets
  • new ideas and approaches to portfolio management and risk reduction

…and not everyone has the time, patience, attention span, or interest to follow and know all those things.

This is why Meridian makes a lot of sense for people looking to make good decisions about their money.  Our clients are smart and talented people, who are capable of managing their own money, but they just lack the time or interest to do so.   We love working with these folks—we take the stress and anxiety of managing money off their shoulders by doing what we love, so that they can relax and go do what they enjoy.

So if you have no time or interest to learn about alpha, beta, standard deviations, GDP, P/Es or any of the other confusing terms of the financial world, please call us.  We really do love this stuff, and are able take care of your money so that you are free to relax and enjoy your journey! 😉

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