Help! (I Need Somebody…)

This week, our beloved dog sitter, Erika, is taking a much-deserved break from her regular routine…Milo included.  So, Milo has been happily jumping in the car every morning to drop the kids at school and then come with me to Meridian.

As much as Milo loves the together time, I am missing our dog sitter.  We count on her to keep Milo safe, comfortable, and happy every day—and when she is gone, that becomes my job, adding a little bit more to worry about during my day at the office. Our sitter helps to make our lives so much less stressful when we are confident that Milo is in good hands.

Milo happily snoring away in my office yesterday—not too different from how he liked to sleep at Meridian when he was a puppy:


Working with a financial advisor to help care for your money is much the same.  Recent research by the CFP Board confirmed that people who work with a CFP® professional feel more confident, secure, and at ease than those who do not.  The CFP Board concluded that:

“Managing personal finances is stressful. Partnering with a Certified Financial Planner™ professional provides a roadmap toward confidence and feeling at ease.”

In their research, they found that people not working with a financial planner felt more negative emotions about their financial situation:


Meanwhile, those folks who did work with a planner reported much more positive feelings about their money:


This is our goal at Meridian: we want you to feel confident, calm, secure, and in control of your financial future.  Our goal is to build a plan that helps you get to where you want to be, and then monitor your plan so we stay on track.  We aim to free our clients from money worry so they can just relax and enjoy the journey.

Partnering with a planner that is professional, competent, and trustworthy leads to peace of mind about your financial situation.  Just like partnering with Erika—who is professional, competent, and trustworthy with Milo—brings peace to my workspace… 😉

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