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In times like these, it feels like you should do SOMETHING drastic. Hoard toilet paper, hand sanitizer, water and other perceived “doomsday” goods. In reality, it’s the small things that we can all do to help each other and ourselves. From The Daily Dose by Timothy McGeeney:

Do the Five:

  • HANDS – Wash Then Often
  • ELBOW – Cough Into It
  • FACE – Don’t Touch It
  • FEET – Stay More Than 3 Feet Apart
  • SICK – Stay Home


Again, from Timothy McGeeney:

“-9%, 5%, -5%, -10%, 9%.

Those were the daily returns of the US stock market last week. This is not normal.”

From our friends at Alpha Capital Management:

“It’s a good parallel with the markets. Stick to your long-term plan, and stay invested in a diversified portfolio. How many times have we been told that? Just like washing our hands, the simple things we can do in today’s very volatile markets will also prove to be the most effective over the long term.

Will the markets go up if coronavirus gets worse? Probably not. But you sure want to be invested the day they find the cure. Stay calm, stay invested, and wash your hands.”

It’s hard to add anything to the above from McGeeney and Alpha. It’s well put. At Meridian, we remain thankful that we own conservative assets to satisfy short term cash needs for clients. And, we remain confident of a recovery in equity markets for our long-term clients.

We are all having to adapt to work-from-home situations and childcare coverage among other things. On Thursday of last week, I was “forced” to bring our French Bulldog, Daisy into the office. I had her do some work on one of our wireless routers.

A dog resting on the floor next to a network modem
Daisy the IT Dog


Be safe, react reasonably, and be kind to one another!

– Nathan

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