Professional Nitpicker

Unfortunately for me and my family, I recently learned that the Professional Nitpicker does in fact exist and is apparently widely known. While I am tempted to go for the obvious joke and say that I thought that title belonged to my wife, I won’t go there. I am sure the same can be said about her opinion of me!


Lice recently invaded our home for the first time since we’ve had kids. There are all sorts of wives’ tales that surround lice, and most are very unpleasant. The reality is that they are a huge nuisance, but they are not indicative of a lack of hygiene. They also seem to be some sort of parental rite of passage. I can say that there is no love more pure than that of a mom checking her daughter’s hair for actual lice, lice eggs, or any other vaguely bug-like object.

In order to successfully rid your house of these unwanted pests, you must be vigilant and willing to wash every possible fabric that may have touched an infested family member. It is not a one-and-done treatment and the problem must be monitored almost obsessively. Enter the Professional Nitpicker; he or she charges a fee to make sure that the lice are forever gone. The customer must agree to follow his or her instructions explicitly, and there is a 100% guarantee of extermination. We did not have to hire a professional in our case, but I might just skip directly to that step in the future. It is probably well worth it!


A financial plan does not need hour-to-our attention, but it too must be monitored regularly in order to succeed. If you just “set it and forget it,” then it will most certainly become less useful as means, wants, and needs change. A financial plan should be a living, breathing document that is updated regularly and adjusted accordingly.

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