Time for a Break

Here we are – the day many Americans went into 2020 thinking would be the biggest event of the year….and then the pandemic happened.  Given the unforeseen circumstances of this year, this election feels heavily weighted no matter what side you are on.  However, as important as election day is and as unique as this year may be, Meridian’s investment philosophy and approach remain the same. Short end of it, we do not market-time elections.  We have been speaking with many of our clients over the last few weeks and in order to spare you a lengthy summary, we are encouraging our clients to browse the previous blogs and quarterly commentary addressing this specifically:



2020 has been a stressful and uncertainty filled year for many; however, today especially, I think a much needed break is warranted to reflect on the good things that have come from this year.  Bad news announces itself loudly, instantly, and overwhelmingly and sometimes it is hard to remember the good things because they slip in quietly and go unnoticed.


On Meridian’s side, we are grateful for all our wonderful clients; those who have been with us for years and those who have recently joined us and put their faith in us this year.  In our Meridian team we have seen families grow through marriage (congratulations Lucy!), additions of kittens and ducks, and have watched our children and puppies grow resiliently during this roller coaster of a year.


With that said, today might be the perfect day to take a break from the news and media and reflect on the good things that have happened this year and have brought joy.  And what better way to spark joy, than to look at pictures of cute animals and kids! Enjoy!

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