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As a proud member of the 2017 Class of Leadership Fauquier, I have been afforded the opportunity to learn about many aspects of our wonderful community. One day each month for about one year, we spend a day out in the community hearing from different members/experts in various areas. Most recently, we attended “Public Safety Day,” where we heard from different members of the Warrenton/Fauquier Fire and Rescue Department, the Warrenton Police Department, and the Fauquier County Sherriff’s Department. A big thank you to all of those very generous and informative folks!

One particular service I learned about at the Warrenton Police Department was Project Lifesaver, a program that helps with caring for a person who suffers from a cognitive disability. During the estate planning process (or other parts of financial planning), we often hear sad stories of elderly parents or spouses who are suffering from mental health issues. I was very happy to hear that the Project Lifesaver program was out there, and may go a long way toward helping to locate missing persons with mental health difficulties. Note that this is not just for adults; it is a program that will also work for those with autism, head trauma, or other cognitive disabilities.

The link above does a great job of explaining the program, but essentially each client is provided with a wrist or ankle bracelet that allows the wearer to be found far more quickly than would otherwise be possible. Even more impressive, there is no cost for the program.

From the website:

How does it work?

  • Potential clients are interviewed and oriented to the Warrenton PLS program.
  • Those at risk are fitted with a wrist or ankle recovery transponder.
  • If someone goes missing, a quick call to 911 activates the process of identification and deployment of recovery personnel on foot, and vehicle. (recovery time averages 30 minutes vs. 8 hours or more without PLS)
  • Without PLS, it is “Find me… a needle in a haystack.” With PL, it is the lifesaving difference of “I am here….Come get me.”


project lifesaver

Project Lifesaver Client Transmitter Bracelet

If you do not live in the Warrenton/Fauquier area, you can go to the national website to find out if there is a service in your location.

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